Products and Services

Entertainment Finance Group has worked with entertainment facilities of all types and sizes with products and services ranging from sky-scraping scream machines to custom hand-carved carousels to on-ride and green screen photography.  We can provide your facility with financing resources that include:

Revenue Share: We work as partners with you in providing you an attraction(s) that we both feel will be profitable to your facility and provide for increased customer satisfaction for your guests.  We provide the capital to purchase the equipment and other services to open the attraction to the public.  We then work with you as a team and share the revenue from the attraction.  Revenue share arrangements have many different forms and levels of involvement so please contact us and we can discuss what works best for you.  They include purchase options for those facilities that would like to own the equipment at some point in the future.  As with all of our projects, our team of operational, installation, and service specialists will ensure that your project is a success.

Leasing:  We provide standard leasing services to our customers who have a product they would like to purchase but prefer leasing terms to fit their financial model.

Financing: For qualified customers, we provide funding for their attractions and projects to allow them to take advantage of opportunities where traditional bank financing may not work for their project due to the equipment, scope and timing of the project, as well as other factors.

Below are just some examples of products we have worked with to provide financing resources to give you an idea of the diversity of the attractions we can work together with you on to make your project a success.  Please contact us for your specific needs and we will custom-tailor a financing program that works for you.