Recent Projects

Columbus Zoo’s Jungle Jack’s Landing Family Ride Package

The Columbus Zoo purchased the adjacent amusement and water park known as Wyandot Lake which had just ended a management contract with Six Flags Theme Parks.  For over 50 years, Wyandot Lake had thrilled the masses in Columbus both young and old.  Zoo officials went to work putting together a master plan that included both a new water park and dry ride theme park.  The new facilities would retain a select number of existing attractions from Wyandot, but would mostly be made up of new family friendly rides and slides. While looking over options, the Zoo’s team decided to bring in a partner on the dry ride side of the operation and focus most of their initial investment in developing the water park attractions.  Entertainment Finance Group was chosen as the Zoo’s exclusive ride partner within “Jungle Jack’s Landing” and went to work putting together a comprehensive 9 ride package of attractions.  The new pieces would each feature a unique motion or interactive element to them and have a relevant zoological theme.  Whether guests chose to take a Safari Jeep ride across the African savannah, soar through the air on the wings of a Macau, or swing high in the sky on an authentically themed African barge, Jungle Jack’s Landing’s ride package was put together to please both young and old. Entertainment Finance Group worked closely with Zoo officials in selecting not only the rides, but also themes.   Custom color palates were chosen to both fit in with the park setting, and offer the strongest possible tie-in to the Zoo’s main visual objective of making the rides fit into the overall concept of Jungle Jack’s Landing.