Recent Projects

Le Catapulte at La Ronde

La Ronde is one of the largest regional theme parks in North America and has been a part of the Six Flags family of parks since 2002.  Situated on an island in the middle of the St Lawrence River in Montreal (formally home to World Expo ’67), the park features over 100 rides and attractions in truly one of the most unique sites for a theme park anywhere.  When the park was looking for a high energy upcharge thrill ride with a strong visual presence, they decided upon a Skycoaster®.  A beautiful skyline altering 173 ft dual arch Skycoaster® was chosen and given a front and center location along the shoreline of La Ronde’s lagoon.  The new attraction was dubbed “Le Catapulte” and stands nearly 25 ft taller than its neighbor- the Gran Roue (Giant Ferris Wheel and icon of La Ronde from Expo ‘67). Since debuting, Le Catapulte has thrilled the masses and has proven a huge success for La Ronde within their overall attraction and entertainment mix.